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Why Dogs Are Better Than People

People will never be this awesome.

Facebook Event Responses

Facebook Event Responses

The easy way to tell what a Facebook event response actually means.

How My Cats See Me

It’s because they love you… really!

Why Dogs Have Short Lives

Warning, this is beautiful, and will make you cry.

Human Hotfix

The bug-fixes we’ve all been waiting for.

Notice Is Hereby Given…

You will obey. You will worship at the altar of the cellphone. Via & via.

The Most Typical Person In The World

National Geographic created this awesome infographic video about putting a face on the worlds’ most typical person. Is it you? Is it me? The answer may very well surprise you.

7 Billion

The world’s population is set to hit 7 Billion people in 2011. This National Geographic video attempts to give you some context as to what that really means.

The Luckiest Bastards Of 2010

Nobody died (that we know of) in the making of this video. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t have, or didn’t deserve too…  just that they didn’t.

Awesome People Doing Amazing Things

Awesome People Doing Amazing Things

Enjoy this 5 minute compilation of people doing some really amazing things (there’s one or two fakes in there but not enough to spoil it) Hat-tip: Laughing Squid