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Who’s Afraid Of The KKK?

Who's Afraid Of The KKK?

Not these guys that’s for sure! I think it might be time for the last stalwarts of racism to go hang up their hoods once and for all. Via.

WTF is THAT?!?

WTF is THAT?!?

That is one damn ugly scary bird.

Stranger! Stranger!

Stranger!  Stranger!

Ho, ho, ho, kids.  Come sit in Santa’s lap. Can you feel my magic finger?

What Should You Really Fear?

Sometimes the realities of life are scarier than the things we fear most.

Jesus Christ - The Heart Of The Circle Of Fear

Jesus Christ is indeed the most fearful of all entities. The root of all evil.  He embodies all three elements that strike fear into the masses. Via

Go On Without Me

ROFLMAO – Somebody somewhere must have made proper posters of these. If you have, send me the links to order them because I want to hang these guys on my wall!