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Christmas Card of the Future

Christmas Card of the Future

Pretty soon they’ll all look like this.

From the WTF Xmas gift archives..

I present you with the world’s ugliest socks. That almost tops the Christmas when I was 19 and I opened up my stocking and I pulled out a set of plastic corn on the cob holders complete with trays shaped like…ears of corn. I looked up in confusion at my smiling father. “Well, you like [...]

Christmas Kidnapping

In the midst of all the Christmas cheer please spare a thought for millions of poor pine trees that are snatched from their homes every December!

Santa’s So Big (NSFW)

Forget “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”, this is the real reason Saint Nick visits your house at night!

Um, Santa’s got no pulse

Um, Santa's got no pulse

I can just imagine how it went. “Uh, Dave, I dunno how to tell you this, but Carl died in the car on the way over.” “Well shit, prop him up anyway man, we got a line of paying customers out there!”

Best wrapped present (NSFW)

Boxes are better wrapped….just saying. An oldie-but-goodie.

Star Wars Christmas Special As It Should Have Been

You know it as well as I do. This is the Star Wars Christmas special you’ve always wanted to see

Irish Christmas Dinner

Irish Christmas Dinner

Not so sure about the sprouts, but maybe if you could put a leg of Turkey in there! Happy Christmas!

Of Course He Did. Right?

I wonder what else Darth Vader uses the force to feel? Via.

Ozzy Claus

Even head-bangers love Santa!