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Great Zombie Walk Pic

We actuallt went to the Zombie Walk Mobile yesterday, and so I got a giggle when I ran across this pic from a Zombie Walk in another city. Love their sense of humor!

Zombie Poodle

Somebody spent a lot of time and used a lot of die (spray paint?) to turn their poodle into a member of the walking dead.

Black people vs Asian People

The real question is, who is going to keep their shit together when the zombie apocalypse happens? THAT’S the important one!

Coolest Baby Ever

This kid is completely unflappable… You know it’s going to grow up loving horror movies…

Zombie Food Pyramid

Zombies would make great pets, very simple diets!

Coming This October…

It’s the season two of the show we’ve all been waiting for with a special guest appearance by Amy Winehouse.

Not All Zombies Want Brains

Some are far more shallow! Source

Zombies vs. Babies

Apparently during a Zombie apocalypse babies might be difficult to distinguish from the horde! Via.

Charlie Bit My Finger - The Horror

You seen the original Charlie Bit My Finger, you’ve even seen “Ouch Charlie, That Really Hurt“, but you’ve never imagined it could be like this…

Your Favorite Zombie - Uncle Scott

Your Favorite Zombie - Uncle Scott

ROFL, I’ll bet Dan was not popular at home after this… It’s okay Dan, we found it hilarious