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The Dude… Abides!

The Big Lebowski gets an awesome re-imagining as everyone’s favorite scary shark - Jaws!

The Pledge

The Pledge

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman star in this “Grindhouse” classic, where the middle class, filthy poor and damn dirty foreigners get their comeuppance.



No way you could miss this little fellow!

Virginia Is For Lovers

The advertising campaign may explain so much about NAMBLA interest in Virginia. Via.

Han Solo - Pilot For Hire

I guess even smugglers and mercenaries need to advertise their services. Source Adventurevisual.


We’re going to need a bigger speeder. Just when you though it was safe to go back in the Jundland wastes… Via.

Condom On!!

Condom On!!

But isn’t Pokemon for virgins?

Religion Doesn’t Have All The Answers

Religion Doesn't Have All The Answers

Just ask Google. It’s recommended by Jesus.

Feel The Hate

This kid is so pissed off about the theft of his bike that he doesn’t even want it back. Via.

The Brouha On Mustafar: Kenobi Vs Vader.

Some awesome old school (30′s and 40′s) style posters promoting the showdowns between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Posters By OldRedJalopy